Nityananda Panda Started writing novels in 2005. Soon he proved himself to be a leading novelist in Odisha. Till now he has got 10 (ten) Novels already published.

ABHAYARANYA” - Novel on Bhitarakanika:

Three women and three men. They start for BhitaraKanika Sanctuary on a picnic trip. By the sea route by a motor boat. The sole purpose is to see the largest crocodile discovered in the creek and have to spend the night in the Bunglow amid the dense Hental forest. There in the night in the thick darkness the scenario has changed. The new environment has deep impact on them. They have lost their own self and done the unexpected things. And in the night one among them is missing, who happened to be the pioneer of the picnic Party. Probably he was eaten by the largest Crocodile. The next day they are leaving the forest and start the backward journey. And during the return journey they are gradually regaining their self. The mysterious impact of a new place- sea, forest, crocodile, snake, solitude…..- ceases. A reader cannot but feel thrilled….. in summary a novel deals with ladies Psychology.

Novel- Abhayranya

Publisher-  Agraduta, Banka Bazzar,Cuttack


Tamaso Maa- A Novel of different taste
A country young man sets out to look for the native village and elder brother of his grandmother, after the demise of her. The grandmother while alive was given assurance to be taken to her elder brother. The address was not known. It is a long journey. The young man in the course of his search, meets one lady and four love thirsty men. The story revolves around the lady called Boudi. In summary the young man  is searching his root. Means his origin.  The root lies faraway in the Ganjam District. A reader shall find himself amid mysterious circumstances and meet peculiar characters. It has a very tragic end.
Novel: Tamaso Maa
Publisher-  Orissa Book Emporium,
Badambadi, Cuttack




Phinix Pakshira Janma- A Reminiscent Novel

It is assumed that the Novel is a love story of the writer himself. It has a dramatic way of development. Phoenix bird is an imaginary bird in the Greek mythology. It burns itself to ashes and again is born out of its own ashes. The wirter is himself the phoenix Bird………. Novel: Phinix Pakshira Janma. Publisher- Gyana Juga Publication, IRC village, Bhubaneswar Rs.135.00






Gotie Jodi Gaonra Kahanee- A Novel on Village back Ground

This Novel seems to be an autobiography of the writer himself of his childhood days. The story revolves around two adjacent villages, being devided by a narrow water pass called Jora. It depicts the picture of the then society…… Novel: Gotie Jodi Gaonra Kahanee Publisher- Kadambinee Media, Bhubaneswar Rs. 115.00







Kandhei Nacha:

A mini travelogue with suspense Love…………… sex……………… love……… betrayal…….. The theme is spread over from Bhubaneswar to simla and back. Suspense , romance, repentance………. Everything too dramatic to be felt. Novel: Kandhei Nacha (Two editions) Publisher: Gyanajuga Publication IRC Village, Bhubaneswar Rs. 120.00 Nityananda Panda is an adept in writing classical Novels basing on Mythological or Puranic theme. They are all time classics in Odia literature.





Jogi- A novel based on Tika Govind Chandra

A mother (Queen) knows his son’s life span is very short. She advises his son to leave Sansar and become a Jogi. Joga Sadhana shall enable him to overcome death. The son is reluctant. At last he feels and agrees. And has become the disciple of Hadipa, the scavenger in the royal capital but a realized Soul. In the end , he is saved from the impending trap of death. This novel is a mirror of our rich spiritual background. This is the first ever book in Odia literature propounding Joga Sadhana amongst the commons. Novel: Jogi Publisher- Vidyapuri, Balubazar. Cuttack Rs.70.00




Bilwamangal- A well known legendary character in the Country India/ Odisha

Bilwamangal was an amorous Young Brahmin who had spent his time in the company of a beautiful prostitute named “CHINTAMANI”. He was so attached to her that he forgot his own family and everything. In the end he could see a ray of truth and took shelter in the Ultimate and become a realized soul named Surdas, having over come many ordeals………. It is a strange novel indeed. And all time classic. Novel: Bilwamangal Publisher- Dakshya Books, Bhubaneswar Rs. 120.00





Damayanti- An all time classic

Damayanti was a woman character before Mahabharata war time. Every Indians know Damayanati, a dedicated soul to her husband Nala- the king of Nishadha. The great KAALA or TIME has tested her time and again. She has passed all the ordeals she was put to. A Very powerful character in our Hindu Scriptures. Even more powerful than Draupadee of the Mahabharat. Damayanti – an all time classic novel. Novel: Damayanti Publisher- Vidyapuri, Balubazzar, Cuttack Rs. 140.00





Mahabanya: A novel based on BIBLE
Adam……….. Eve….. Noa ….. Jesus ….
Like mahapralaya in Hindu Scripture, there was a great flood in the BIBLE and the whole universe was submerged under water. God came and saved NOA- the realized Soul from great flood, like Markandeya in Hindu Scripture. The God says, excess sins bring about great destruction to the universe. This novel is based on the facts of old Testament, is an all time classic in odia literature.
  Novel: Mahabanya
  Publisher-  Dakshya Books, Bhubaneswar   




Radha Raseswaree- A Novel all Indians Should read

It is an autobiography of Sree Radha - The Adyasakti. Sri Krishna had performed Raasa with the Gopis. Radha Raseswaree means chief of Gopis. It is a very mystical novel. It is a precious gift to odia literature. But the writer has given human approach to the character. The difficult points have been analyzed separately. The readers can clear their doubts. Novel: Radha Raseswaree Publisher- Daskhya Books, Bhubaneswar Rs.149.00




Upanyas 1947.The first ever novel in odia language

Upanyas 1947.The first ever novel in odia language.
Starts with a true love story. An old Sikh has purchased a seventeen years old Muslim girl from the riot. And has married. A girl is born to them. But the new law of both India and Pakistan has stood in their way. They were separated.
Finally the Sikh has committed suicide.
Gandhiji has been assassinated. The whole story behind his murder is narrated in a novel way.
The history behind the partition is well depicted. Mount batten has played a key role and transfer of power is made.
Very very dramatic development. It is hoped this book shall take a special position in odia literature.

Publication -Gyanajuga publications. I R c village Bbsr. Mob no 9937694781.
                                                  Price 200 rupees.
                                                  Page 300.