Nityananda  Panda- The Science writer
Nityananda Panda is a will known popular Science writer. His contribution to the field of science wirting is immense. As his favorite subject is Physics, he has mainly witten books on Physics. To make science popular among people, he has been writing science articles in magazine like Jhankar, Istahar, Kuneekatha and newspaper like The Samaj and Samaya
Till this date he has 07 no. of science books to his credit.


Bijnana Bibidha:
Publisher: Gyanajuga Publication, IRC Village







Bijnana O Bijnanee:
Publisher- Gyanajuga Publication,
   Rs. 45.00







Paramanu ru Samayara Mrutyu
One day the sun will die, Black hole, the death of time, mysterious Particles like electron, proton etc, nuclear bombs, bigbang theory…. Such are the thought provoking subjects / articles.
Publisher: Gyanajuga Publications IRC Village,
   Rs. 100.00






Adhunika Padartha Bigyana ‘O’ Rahasyabada
This a very useful book for all types of readers. In a language understandable to all , this book is a landmark in odia language. The artiticles carry deep insights and scientific theories. It has brought a parallel in between modern science and theology. Really a worthreading book. From Quantum physics to the origin and death of the Universe, the writer has dealt with in details. It is a big book.

Publisher- Orissa Book Emporium
    Badambadi, Cuttack




Radiation: Manaba Jatira Gopana Satru
What is radiation? How many types of radiation? Hazzards due to radiation? Common man is always prone to natural and manmade radiation. Precautions are listed to avoid fatal radiations. A very important book.


  Publisher-  Dibyaduta Prakashanee,
    Rajabagicha, Cuttack




Ekabingsa Satabdira Bigyana:
Nano Bigyana

What is Nano Sceince? Who is or are the propounders or exponents of Nano Science? Nano Science is rapidly gaining ground in this century.
Its usefulness and hazards……………
   Publisher: Gyanjuga Publications
     IRC Village, BBSR
     Rs. 100/-





Paramanuru Biswa :
  Publisher-  Pinebooks,
Besides above science books, two new books await publication. 1-God Particle , 2-chemistry Kananee. In due time the published books shall be made entry and the profile shall updated.